Standard Genome Data Center

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Korea’s Standard Genome Data Center (SGDC) which is designated by the ministry of commerce will be launched in January 2015. Hosted in UNIST, It will be the center of genomic reference data standardization in Korea based supported by the funding from The National Center for Standard Reference Data. Its mission is is to build build Korean reference genome maps, collecting Korean/Asian genetic diversity data (called “variome"), and their applications into bio-medical technologies. The director and members of the center are experts in standardizing genome sequence data since 2007. They have previously published the first Korean reference genome draft map in May 2014, the first tiger reference, the first whale genome reference, and a diverse set of research papers on human, animal, plant and cancer genomes. The aim of the center is to provide the most accurate and precise genome data references to lay the foundation of Korea’s bioindustry.



Director: Jong Bhak, Ph.D.,