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Professor Jong Bhak's research lab and institute guideline


You are passionate about solving biological problems with computers?


Genomelab at The Genomics Institute (TGI) and KOGIC of UNIST is recruiting candidates

who have a background/interest in bioinformatics, genomics, and geromics (Reversing aging)

1. Students:_MSc._and_Ph.D._level at Jong Bhak lab (all the students are fully paid by UNIST).
2. Postdoc jobs at Jong Bhak lab: Any level of postdoc experience.

3. Researchers and Research assistants, technicians

The salary at TGI in UNIST is competitive and we prefer candidates who are fluent in English.

We are aiming to conquor cancers and unhealthy aging with teamwork spirit using Science.


For formal application to the university (at Graduate School level) please visit:


Jong Bhak, Ph.D.,


(저의 BRIC 인터뷰내용을 보시면, 게놈연구소의 운영에 대해 정보를 얻으실수 있을겁니다)